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DIY Led flash bar kit ( Including the 5 LED management board )

This Kit is our all in one kit that will allow you to create your own 5 LED flash bar with the provided LED lights and the plastic domes. You connect the LED directly on the provided 5 LED management board inputs and the output will go to your ( not included ) LED-WIZ or Pac Drive. You will also be able to connect your 3-5-12-24V power supply directly on the provided Quatro board for an easy power management solution. You find that you have too many ground wires running from your power supply to your devices? the included ground board will allow up to 32 grounds connection.


  • Quatro board

  • Ground board

  • 5 Led Management board

  • 12 Plastic legs with bolts

  • 5 LED RGB 3v

  • 6 male connectors plug in

  • 5 transparent plastic dome

Quatro Board:

The Quatro board is designed to simplify connecting and managing multiple power voltages and sources. With this board you can conveniently connect 4 different Power voltages such as 5v 12v 24v and ground on the same board. Each Power block provides 8 outputs. ( 4 Male power jack connectors included ). There is no need to daisy chain every ports.

Ground Board:

Our ground board make connecting your grounds in your project a Breeze. There is one main input female jack connector to connect the ground from your power source which provide an additional 32 ports to connect your grounds. Each port is bridge to the main ground which is a major advantage over other types of Terminal blocks who have to be daisy chained. Get 2 of these device ( one at the front and one at the back ) to save on the cost of wire and prevent unnecessary wires who is cluttering your virtual pinball cabinet or project.