what is virtual pinball?

What is Virtual Pinball?

It is a computer running modern and authentic software. The level of sophistication is quite high as it uses a powerful computer for running the tables, interface and media server. 3 LED screens are used in the cabinet, the Playfield, the Backglass and the DMD. LED, and other electronic components are often use to enhance the level of realism. To achieve the ultimate pinball experience, the cabinet is equipped with the same hardware used in a authentic pinball such as Solenoids, contactors, knockers, fans, shaker motors and gear motors.  The major difference between the 2 types of pinball is the variety; a virtual pinball machine can have as many as 800 different pinball tables.

Virtual Pinball is working towards preserving the Pinball heritage and helps maintain the memory of these old classics. Have a look at the following video if you wish to view the history of pinball and the future of virtual pinball

Funhouse Virtual Pinball