Vince's Cab

Description of your cabinet Built on Williams wide body plans, full force feedback, Gigabyte M/B with 8GB Ram, I3 3 Gig processor, 42" playfield, 32"B/G and 15" LCD for DMD, Sainsmart relay board for solenoids and KL25Z for button control and led wiz , Logitech surround sound and functioning coin door.

  • Features on my cab

    • Home made built cabinet

    • i created the artwork?

    • Force feedback enabled

    • Addressable LED

    • Strobes

    • Shaker Motor

    • Gear Motor

  • Graphics card used GTX 660

  • How long did it take you to build?3 Months

  • How much did you spent on it Approx $1000 AUD.

Beautiful Art work my friend


Major Frenchy