Tony Q's Cab

Description of your cabinetMini cab 27" playfield with an obnoxious 80's theme. Hajime Sorayama robot girls adorn the side art and pinup popper theme with 80's neon grid effect. Link to video demo:

  • Do you have something unique about your cab?Nothing I would consider unique at this time since I ran out of money to sink into it for a little while. I hope to add a "pepper's ghost" pyramid hologram topper when I can afford to upgrade the video card.

  • Features on my cab

    • i created the artwork?

  • Graphics card used XFX Radeon 570rs xxx

  • How long did it take you to build? 2 weeks

  • How much did you spent on it $1500

Tony, Love that Mini Cab. Your Voice control is awesome, iā€™d love to integrate that on mine. Good Job.


Major Frenchy