Micheal's Cab

Description of your cabinet

I had an idea to build a virtual cabinet. Wasn't aware that I was not the only one...

Pc is a core i77600, 16gb with 1 tb ssd and 2070 rtx card.

Samsung 40" 4k uhd and a 28" full hd back screen with a real dmd. Still busy to create extra toys in it

  • Features

    • Home made built cabinet

    • did you create your artwork? Yes

    • Force feedback enabled? Yes

  • How long did it take you to build? 12 months (still not finished)

  • How much did you spent on it +/- 4500 euros

Congratulations Micheal. This is a beautiful cab. I love the operating coin mechanism and the 5 LED flash bar under the glass is a nice touch. I also like the hinges system for your backglass.


Major Frenchy