Logan's Cab

Description of your cabinet

This cabinet was created by me and my father and is still a work in progress. We had originally built a cocktail cabinet, but after further use we gutted it to begin work on this long endeavor. The Cabinet is just 1 inch short in width of being standard size. Rocking a three screen setup utilizing pinup popper for a front end, using a amd fx 8350, 16gb of ram and an amd hd 7770 gb edition, we can play all versions of vpx at 1080p with most settings maxed out (some newer 2019 tables require my settings to be lowered a bit), pinball fx3 maxed out and the mess that is the pinball arcade no problem. I'm planning on adding a KLZ25 board to add nudge, virtual plunger and addressable LEDS. Considering adding solenoids or contactors. Also planning a cool topper display with one of them electric orbs, but for now a star-wars pop display will do. Last but not least I'm gonna do some custom space themed artwork to go with my asteroids mame cab and star-wars collection.

  • Do you have something unique about your cab? Was planned designed and put together by a 21 year old and with help from his father.

  • Features on my cab

    • Home made built cabinet

  • Graphics card usedAmd Raedon Hd 7770 gb edition

  • How long did it take you to build?Two months and counting

  • How much did you spent on it The pc parts, monitors and tv were spare parts laying around the house/left over from my pc rebuild. The wood and plexi-glass cost about 250 cad tax in.

Major Frenchy