John K's Cabinet

Description of your cabinet

Multi-year project. Hand built full size Williams cabinet with 43 in. play field. 32 in. back glass and 19 in LCD monitor. I have all the FX3 tables installed and just a few VPX tables. I'm using PUP for front end. I am right now in the middle of adding addressable LEDs (following your videos)

  • Do you have something unique about your cab? I do have a joystick and buttons installed with the thought of PinMame in the future. I gained a lot of inspiration for Terry Red also.

  • Features on my cab

    • Home made built cabinet

    • Addressable LED

  • Graphics card used GTX 750ti

  • How long did it take you to build? 3 + years

  • How much did you spent on it ~$700

Major Frenchy