Derek's Cab

Name Derek S.

  • Description of your cabinet I stared building multi-cades but I wanted to move on to something much more challenging. I am too much of a perfectionist to cut my own panels so I bought a kit from RRM. Since the kit was never designed to house any DOF toys, it has been modified in order to accommodate all of the toys I have. I chose the TRON artwork because it goes well with all the flashing lights and the SWEET PUP table from Terry Red.

  • Do you have something unique about your cab? Not really a unique feature but, my ZEB shaker is one of the first ones to be LEDWiz based instead of Sainsmart.

  • Features on my cab

    • Home made built cabinet

    • Force feedback enabled

    • Addressable LED

    • Strobes

    • 4K screen

    • Shaker Motor

    • Head tracking

  • Graphics card used GTX 1070ti

  • How long did it take you to build? I built others cabinets starting since 2015 but this one was finished in 2 years.

  • How much did you spent on it 3800

Beautiful Artwork. Your cab looks very clean and loaded. The picture in the dark showing the under cab lights ads that extra touch. Well done.