Colorized Roms

installation instructions By outhere

PIN2DMD or Virtual DMD owners:

  • Create a vpinmame/altcolor/<rom name> directory and copy the pin2dmd.pal file there. Copy the patched rom file to the vpinmame/roms directory

  • Enable ‘Colorize DMD (4 colors)’ in the rom setup of vpinmame for each colorized ROM you will be using

  • Enable ‘Use external DMD (dll)’ in the rom setup of vpinmame for each colorized ROM you will be using

Additional steps for Virtual DMD owners :

  • Download latest dmdext version (current v1.7.1) via

    • Copy ‘DmdDevice.dll’ and ‘DmdDevice.ini’ to your vpinmame directory.

    • NOTE: If you are a Virtual DMD owner you should not install dmdext… just move the two files described here.

Make sure you change the table script to  reference the colorized ROM: Const cGameName = “[colorized rom name here]”

Patching ROMs

bsdiff may be used to apply patches to roms for colors, different sounds, etc.

bspatch may be downloaded here: 

Please find enclosed the step by step instruction to patch Stern roms:

1) Required downloads

  • Download the original rom that you want to patch.

Let’s say for the example you want to patch the Avengers Pro Rom. This would mean you would have to download:

  1. The Avengers Pro rom from the Stern site. File name is : AVGV1-70.bin

  2. The patch file from vpu. The file name is : Avengers170ColorBySharkky

2) Extract the files to the directory where you installed bspatch (e.g. c:\apps\bspatch)

In this example after extracting there would be four files at that location:

  1. avs_170c_BySharkky.diff (the patch file)

  2. pin2dmd.pal (the palette file)

  3. ReadMe.txt (instructions by Sharkky)

  4. AVGV1-70.bin (the original rom)

3) Open a ms-dos prompt at this location

In File Explorer, click the address bar to select it (or press Alt+D). Type “cmd” into the address bar and hit Enter to open the Command Prompt with the path of the current folder already set.

To patch the file the only thing you need to do is enter the following command at the prompt:

bspatch AVGV1-70.bin avs_170c.bin avs_170c_BySharkky.diff

This will create a patched version of the original rom (AVGV1-70.bin) with the name specified (in this case avs_170c.bin). I included a screen shot of the ms-dos prompt with the command of our Avengers Pro example.


4) Compress the file with 7-zip or Winzip and name the patched rom as required by vpinmame

Make sure the file is compressed in the archive format of *.zip.

You can check via vpinmame what the name of the rom should be. Run setup.exe and use the Test button to select the rom and click on Check ROMs. It will display the expected ROM set name. I included a screen shot of our Avengers Pro example.


5) Follow the installation instructions mentioned to use the new colour rom

Remember to clean up afterwards and delete the files you downloaded and extracted.