POV files

Starting in version 10 (VPX), Visual Pinball has a great feature that allows you to import and export your backdrop POV settings.  These Settings include the landscape/portrait (0/270), x/y scale and position (how wide and tall the table is on your screen) and incline/layback, etc…

When you download a table, the backdrop POV settings aren’t always how you want them.  Maybe you like your table positioned differently on the screen, or you like your table in landscape and the author has made it in portrait.  You can enter the settings you prefer manually, or you can use the camera/light mode (check the table menu for this great feature) for an even easier way to set up the table…

However!  VPX has an even super, super easier way to import settings from someone else without having to change any settings at all manually.  This is done by importing an .xml file that already contains all the settings.  If someone posts the .xml file, or sometimes the author of the table will provide one, all you have to do to import it is go to the file menu in the VPX editor > import > backdrop POV… and then select the .xml file.  The next time you start the table you will see that all the work has already been done for you.

You will notice that below the import menu there is also an option to “export” your POV file.  This will export your settings in that same .xml format.  This is how you can share your settings with someone else.  This is also a really great way to “back up” the settings for your tables.  If you have a table that you have set up a certain way, you can back up the settings by exporting the files to a folder for safe keeping.  After a recent hard disk crash, I was able to easily restore the POV settings of many of my tables because I had exported them all to a folder.


The backup POV import/export is an incredibly useful feature in VPX that is, perhaps, under-utilized.  Tell all your friends about it.

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Major Frenchy